About Campus Party + 20 years of OSI

Hello Guys,

My life since 2018 started is going on like crazy. I’m trying to get my bachelor degree this year, a lot of events to attend, Atelier and AtCore needing love and a lot of work… And more than a month later I’m going to report what happened at the 11th edition of Campus Party Brazil.

This year was the 4th year that I attended Campus Party, and with butterflies, in my belly, I went over there to show Atelier and do two talks: One about Qt and one about Free Software.

We are working on AtCore and Atelier since 2016, and on the couple weeks of January, we made the first release of AtCore. That triggered a lot of feelings. And with the good part of those feelings, I made some partnerships(To get a 3DPrinter and material) and went to Campus Party to show our work.

So I got a printer and a nice banner made by my friend Igor’s that was the designer of Atelier/AtCore logos.


At Campus Party, I was able to do more than 20 hours of prints using 3DCreator’s Duo 3DPrinter that my colleague Italo borrowed to me. I still don’t have a 3DPrinter, so when I get my hands in a printer, I need to learn everything, and of course, test Atelier/AtCore to see if everything is working fine.

At Campus Party, I was able to run print jobs of 3~5 hours without stop using AtCore. Damn, was awesome to see everything working. To feels that all the work that we’ve been doing is generating results.

Campus Party is also a place for opportunities… And on the first day, I got to know Patrick Mansson, General Manager and Board Secretary of Open Source Initiative. OSI was present at Campus Party to celebrate the 20 years of the organization. Was awesome to know Patrick and all the contribution that OSI does with our lovely world of Free Software, check some tweets from OSI’s:


I made a lot of networking during this Campus Party and received a lot of thanks for my work and for being a Women in Technology. Some of the contacts that I’ve made was with a few Brazilian 3DPrinting companies that are interested in Atelier and I hope to have more news about that soon.

Check out the gallery of photos, and a amend: I printed a 3D Gyroscopic-like model that can be attached to a wheelchair and improve the life of a person. I was able to give to Selma… With 3DPrinting we can change so many lives. And I hope to have more chances to do that like I did for Selma.


I also saw a flying simulator made by my new friend João Pagotto all powered by Qt!



Hope to get more news to you soon!

Until there, that’s all folks!

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