Akademy 2018: I was there! part 2

As you may know, a little more than a month ago Akademy happened at the beautiful place of Vienna. On my first post, I told you about how I was freaking out before giving my talk about Atelier.

So, to continue my history, on the following days of Akademy, Tomaz brought his printer from Munich so we could test Atelier and try to dig up what we need to do to improve it.


The first bug that I handled was on our regex that test the strings of temperatures from the 3DPrinter. Simplifying that, we have a few open source firmwares, they don’t return standard strings, so when we were writing AtCore I had the idea to use a regex to handle that for me. Some manufacturers like to change the firmwares to adapt for their machine, the issue here was that the guys from the CR10S 3DPrinter changed the default string for Marlin firmware making my regex break. So that was the first patch that I made, after a couple hours playing with regex101, I was able to dig a new, yet simple version of it.

With that fixed, I printed a few models to test if the info shown on the Atelier interface was correct.


After that fix, Akademy was happening really fast for me.  We had Atelier BoF, and as in my talk, I was amazed at all the people that have shown interest in the project and the willingness to help us. Tomaz and I received a few inputs, and we are working with Chris and Patrick on how to achieve them and the goals of this project.

Sometimes I don’t believe that I was out there, far from my house and my boyfriend to konquer the world. However, since the internet era, we have all this amazing technology that can record people talking, I had my talk record and it’s alive on youtube. And yes, I still don’t have the courage to watch.


Once more I want to thank KDE for the opportunity of going to Akademy and show the work of Atelier team. We are still far from our goals and the experience that we want to give to the users of FDM printers.

Get in touch with us if you have any interest in contributing or just chatting on our channels:

  • IRC Freenode: #kde-atelier
  • Telegram: @KDEAtelier

Also, leave a like on our Facebook page.

For now, that’s all folks!



I really would like to bring you more updates about our project. When we started Atelier, I didn’t know that would impact-for the better- my life so much. Chris is working on smaller fixes and improvements on Atelier and AtCore, Andy from VDG is helping us on the development of a new interface that we can use on all kind of devices, and I am still running out of time to work on the current base code, because I want to finish my graduation next year, hopefully on the first semester and my internship is consuming the other part of my time… And it’s really hard to develop a printer host when you don’t have a 3DPrinter. I am afraid that I reached my limit: 2 years working on Atelier using 3DPrinters from my friends on the few chances that I have during the year. So to be honest with myself, I don’t like to do things if I can’t put my best on it. So you probably don’t hear much news from me for the time being. Thank you =D

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