Atelier at Maker Faire and QtCon 2018!

These past couple weekends were a blast!

On the weekend of November 3 and 4, it happened on Rio de Janeiro the first Maker Faire of Latin America. And I was able to do a talk about Atelier and the current status of our project. The event hold more than 1.500 people on the first day, that saw a lot of talks and the exposition of makers of all over the country that came to Rio to participate in this edition of the Maker Faire.

And last weekend I went to Sao Paulo to participate in my first QtCon, at this time I was invited by the organization, to talk about Atelier on the technical side. I was pretty nervous during my talk, but it all went well. A few questions were asked and me and Patrick, that was also present there, answered them.

I was also able to get a 3DPrinter borrowed from a friend, and on both days during the coffee breaks I was printing with Atelier and people came around to see and ask more about the work that we are doing.

In resume, was an event that I loved to be a part of it, everyone was there to share knowledge and learn new things about Qt and the community that we are building here in Brazil.

As since the beginning of my journey with Qt I had the opportunity to see what this amazing framework can do and how people in Brazil are using it to build awesome software to help companies achieve their goal. And last but not least we had a nice happy hour where I was able to meet my friends Kai and Dayanne, and discuss how awesome KDE is ❤


That’s all folks!


Published by lays147

Information Systems Student. 3DPrinting Enthusiastic. Works within KDE Community to make the Free Software World in a better place. Pleno Developer at Meta. Python | Qt | C++ | 3DPrinting | Free Software | KDE <3

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